Ontario seed bank There's no denying that O.G Kush is now popular. From film starts to singers to medical cannabis users, it is adored by many from amongst the breeds nowadays. 'O.G' stands for Ocean grown. The O.G Kush seeds, likely originated from Northern California, although the true genetic makeup remains unknown. The strain of O.G Kush seeds is unique and can't be compared to other cannabis strains. O.G Kush seeds possess a feature that is quite obvious. O.G Kush gives out a unique, dank, strong, a slight odor of citrus which feels like a solid detergent. It can even be describe as having a fruity aroma and taste together with traces of gas (gas), citrus fruit and berries. O.G Kush impacts the cerebral powerfully at first that quickly evolves leading to a thick, pleasant and relaxing high. So dank and powerful the taste of O.G Kush leaves an aftertaste that is long lasting. O.G Kush seeds once smoked and cured, it the cannabis strain that's ideal to smoke and also to deeply rest. Norther Lights is distinguished by its medium height, with the THC level as Large as 18% and high yields (indoor yield ranges from 500-550 gram/m2 and outdoor yield ranges from 575-625 gr/plant), The bodily encounter fells that of relaxed relaxation and state as well as smoking it supplies a experience causing feelings of euphoria and relaxation, feminized seeds have features which helps to curb radiculopathy, sleeplessness and anxiety. Researchers have also suggested that cannbidiol may also help to prevent or decrease diseases. Are similar to certain kinds of cancers, nerve and brain damage caused by a stroke, Huntington's disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Blueberry seeds when developed and cured, has the effect that each and every bud smokers dreams about. To find more details on feminized seeds please discover this info here These seeds have proven to be dependable in giving timely harvest. The seeds that are autoflowering are of mostly sativa and strains which have being spanned with number of ruderalis. Compare some of the best autoflowering seeds have being criticize for its low return, to cannabis , however these seeds provide the Capability of producing simple to grow fast crop and tendency adapting To cold to growers.